A Successful Seminar

FB Displays and Designs’ President Francine Brooks held her “Setting the Course” seminar last night at the 31 Club in downtown Buffalo. The event went very well as all attendees engaged in an excellent learning experience. Francine’s presentation, along with a very informational question & answer session aided in making this seminar a true success.

Some of the topics that were discussed included trade show attendance, set-up, budgeting, etiquette, and much more. The pictures below depict Francine’s first-rate presentation accompanied by some of FBD2’s signature displays in the background. The seminar housed 60 attendees along with the FBD2 team who was responsible for setting up all of the displays beautifully.

If you have any questions pertaining to the seminar feel free to drop us a comment or email at davide@displaysanddesigns.com.

Francine Brooks presenting

One thought on “A Successful Seminar

  1. Nicely done! And a great venue! That’s what a networking event should always be like – great presentation, full house of professionals, and great food!

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