What Is All The Waiting For???

empty booth

What is the deal? We pound and pound and pound on our clients and prospects that the longer they wait to commit to an exhibit on the trade show floor, the higher the costs. People, believe me we are not lying – it will cost more money. Here are a few reasons why this happens…

1. Early orders allow preparation time – late orders cause exhibit houses to use overtime hours to complete an exhibit at overtime and double time rates – because after 40 hours a week – it’s the law!

2. On time ordering allows time to calculate accurately, what your service order needs to be at a show. How much electrical, electrical labor, rigging, drayage – these are all numbers that can be calculated accurately given the right set of project drawings. In turn there are no penalties from show services for late or inaccurate ordering.

3. Vendors! Yes we are the vendors, however we also have vendors. We have seen Las Vegas become naked – no black sintra, no fabric graphic materials, no A+ labor – and you the exhibitor pay the price for this.

4. Foreign clients – we know the rest of the world works last minute – we get to do this when we take our clients out of the USA, however, it just doesn’t work here – there are penalties (read money) on everything. And these penalties are out of the control of the exhibit house.

5. Not completing paperwork – yes that means not waiting until you get to the show to pay for your services. Nothing happens from show services, including laying your electrical before the carpeting is rolled out. Get your check or your credit card on file at the show – otherwise you will be guaranteed overtime rates on everything because you have stopped all of the work.

So there are a few reasons not to wait. We understand the economy; we understand cash flow, however, your booth space, in all probability, has been paid for six months ago. Working ahead of time will save money in the long run – you can shop your best deal, arrange your best and least expensive installation times, book your earliest travel rates – really think out your entire budget and then put it to bed.

Last minute decisions can be disastrous – we have seen it all – you go for the cheapest last minute deal – and that is exactly what you get. You get to the show floor and have an unfinished exhibit sitting on tissue paper carpeting without padding, wires sticking out everywhere, nails and screws showing, and everything dirty. Why? You get what you pay for – there is discounted purchasing three months earlier that looks great with everything the rendering and the vendor’s pictures tell you will happen – or there is a rag-tag mish-mash of hyleria and hysteria and even an open check book cannot heal it! THINK EARLY!

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