Marketing 101: Why Videotaping Your Trade Show Exhibit Matters

videotaping trade show

As I came across the headline for this article, I couldn’t help but wonder why it was so important to videotape your trade show. However my skepticism had ceased once I had the opportunity to read the article. With the advances in social media involving online communities such a YouTube and Facebook, viral video sharing has experienced a steady increase, in both audience and performers, since it has been introduced. Aside from sharing videos, the article goes on to mention other ways in which this footage can be valuable to any company.

This article explains the benefit of videotaping your trade show exhibit. While trade shows only come around every so often, the video footage lasts forever. It is something prospective clients can view to get a first hand account of your products and/or services at work.

Take a few minutes to read through the article and let us know what you think.

Tradeshows are an ideal place to showcase your products, your services, and your company to new and current customers. A tradeshow is also the perfect environment to capture video content of your booth, preferably in an interesting “news-style” format. Video is fast becoming the media of choice to communicate your tradeshow marketing message after the show has ended. It can help you reach those unable to attend or those who didn’t receive your complete message. Video is also the medium of choice for post-show online ads, email blasts, additions to your website and Social Networking efforts.

Today, customers would rather watch a 2-3 minute video on your product or company than read a multi-page brochure or editorial….and a trade show is a great place to capture the online video content that sells all year long.

Video is the ideal medium for promoting a new product, capturing a trade show exhibit, enhancing a case study, giving the FAQ section on your website more impact, and much more. Plus video can be multi-purposed and is ideal for social networking activities to attract new prospects as well as current customers. Many different businesses are using social networking to attract more customers to their businesses. Tradeshow videos are ideal for social networking because more than ever, people are watching video online and that includes B2B video from a range of companies.

Video is the best way to ‘shake the cage’ on your guerilla marketing effort, or to better explain the advantages of a new technology or product. More and more companies are using video to sell, train, promote, persuade, and build visibility.

Video on the web can be repurposed for greater value, is usually more attention getting, and offers greater message retention. But getting it seen is critical.

Online video has become an essential sales tool for businesses. Yet, very few businesses ever videotape their trade show exhibit, launch new products with video, or use video case studies and video FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on their website.

(Article from the Trade Show Marketing website)

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