How Effective Is Your Pre-Show Marketing?

Woman holding megaphone

The idea of attracting a large crowd to your booth during a trade show is nice, but ask yourself this:

* How many people are actually interested in what I have to offer?

A great way to eliminate this issue and cut the proverbial fat is to engage in some effective pre-show marketing. By informing your current list of leads that you will be attending a show puts you ahead of the game already. To really establish your company as a cut above the rest is to start your marketing months before you step foot onto the show floor.

Utilizing social media is an excellent and very inexpensive way to publicize your next show. Making a post on your blog or an update on your Twitter page will get the word out quite effectively. Another idea is to establish an upcoming events page on your company’s website. This will allow visitors to get all of the information about the show. While social media can boost your booth attendance, there are other ways in which you can reach your target audience to further enhance your at-show performance.

Pre-show mailing has proved time and time again that the old fashioned way of doing things can still produce great results. Sending current clients as well as potential leads an invitation to your show in the mail is another excellent way to spread the word. Depending on how many people you send it to, this process could get a little pricy but the returns that you will see will cover your costs, and then some. Personalizing each invitation as well as signing your name will show people that you took the time and effort to reach out to them.

In addition to mailing out invitations, an interesting tactic is to include some sort of complimentary gift such as an admission pass, sample of your product, or a discount off of an order. These incentives can be sent out with the invitation or they can be offered if the recipient visits your booth. Either way you go about it, this small gift can go a long way.

The most important part is that your pre-show marketing plan is right for you and your company. As long as you follow the plan and stick to it all the way until the show, you will see an increase in not only visitor quantity, but quality as well.

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