Twitter is Changing the World!

It was announced on June 3rd that Mayor Bloomberg is looking for a chief digital officer” for New York City.  The position would be responsible for communicating messages and also listening to residents on social media networks. The job pays between $57,000-$125,000, and the job description states that the city seeks someone “to help develop forward-thinking policies on social media, digital communications, web 2.0 initiatives and other tools to better serve the public.”

I think this is a great idea and wouldn’t be surprised if many other cities followed NYC’s lead.  I myself have become so much more informed since joining Twitter.  News networks and businesses across the globe are on Twitter, getting heard by significantly more people—many of whom have not picked up a newspaper in months.  As evidenced in the poll, 52% of people voted Twitter as their primary news source, while only 22% voted newspapers.  It is remarkable the way Twitter has changed the world.  Twitter provides quick updates on breaking news from numerous sources as well as constant word-of-mouth relays, which possibly makes Twitter the best news source ever.

How has Twitter changed your world?

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