Your Trade Show Checklist

trade show check list

The trade show season will be upon us before you know it. While trade shows play a most important part in the success of your business, they sometimes can create a certain level of stress if not well organized. The couple of weeks prior to the show are especially crucial with details such as packing, shipping, and making sure that everything is in place. The following is a quick checklist to help in the preparation for a successful and almost stress free trade show:

Trade show checklist:

Booth supplies:
Display, lighting, literature stand, carpet
• Business cards (bring double the amount you think you will need)
• Company brochures, literature
• Sample product(s)
Promotional items
• Pens, calendar, notepads, similar supplies

• Professional attire
• Comfortable shoes
• Schedule, itinerary
• Phone, laptop, camera
• Tickets, confirmations
• Aspirin
• Mints
• Tissues
• Small first aid kit
• Antibacterial hand cleaner
• Credit cards, checks

Make sure everything else is in place:
• Confirmations (transportation, hotel rooms, booth space reservation, booth materials and display have arrived, etc.)
• Follow-up packets (electronic or snail mail) should be all set and ready to be sent out the day you return
• Trained staff that is aware of goals, expectations, schedule, dress code, and individual roles, as well as important company/product information
Pre-show marketing should be at its peak

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