Get “Smart” With Apps at Your Next Event

Apps for Tradeshow

There are many apps (and other valuable resources) to use while exhibiting at a trade show in order to increase brand/company awareness, drive traffic to your booth, and have some fun. The list is long and growing every day.

First, there are the information-exchanging apps:

  • Bump– If two people have Bump, all they need to do is lightly bump their hands together (while holding phones) to automatically exchange whatever info they choose.
  • Business Card Reader (iPhone only)Allows you to take a picture of a business card, which is automatically added to your contacts (our company president, Francine, can attest to how well this app works).
  • GoogleGoggles (Android only)– Allows you to do the same thing as Business Card Reader along with many other great features.
  • iLeads (iPhone)– Allows you to collect contact info from the attendees you meet at the show. All you do is type in the person’s badge number and their info will be automatically added to your iPhone. From there you can manage appointments with useful features that include calendar, map, notes, and so on.
  • ScanLife Allows you to create QR (quick response) codes, which are like visual bookmarks. ScanLife lets users take a picture of the two-dimensional bar code which can directly take them to your website or social media page and adds your contact info right onto their phone or whatever else you choose to link to. This seems to be the best QR code app as far as compatibility with multiple phone manufacturers, but here is a list of other good QR code apps.
  • * For a great example of QR code usage.

Event-specific apps are popping up all over: FollowMe is one of the most popular, but find out which specific app your trade show is using. These apps provide interactive floor maps, the event schedule, updates, directory of exhibitors, the show’s Twitter feed, e-brochures from exhibitors, etc. These apps are very useful and using them saves lots of trees!

Don’t forget the mobile apps for all of your social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. Post updates throughout the day: pictures of events and people, what you learned from a speaker, announce giveaways, demonstrations, or anything else happening at your booth. For Twitter, make sure to include the event’s hashtag in any tweets that have to do with the trade show.

Foursquare This is a location-based social app that allows you to “check-in” to certain locations. So once you arrive at the trade show, “check-in” to the convention center. Other foursquare users will see your company’s presence at this location. You will also be able to see any friends or contacts who have also “checked-in” to the convention location, providing the opportunity to connect with people you might never have known were at the same place as you!
*Foursquare also gives you the option to create an event.
* Also to be used at a trade show.

* To promote your business using foursquare other than at the trade show.

Collecta– Allows you to keep track of anything being said about the trade show, including blogs, articles, tweets, and even related photos or videos. Download the mobile app to keep up-to-date with anything that is being said about the trade show or company!

Poll EverywhereAsk attendees a question and they answer via text message (or Twitter/the web). * For a great description

Flowtown Use the e-mail addresses of show attendees to figure out what social media sites they are on so you can connect with them there.

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