Marketing your business with Foursquare

Foursquare Stickers for Local Businesses

Ten years into this 21st Century marketing has undergone major changes to keep up with the times. The development of social media makes marketing a lot more interesting. Businesses are becoming less “corporate” and more “personal” by communicating with their customers in more personal ways. Twitter is being used to reach out to customers to answer questions, take orders, promote specials/discounts, share tips, post updates, provide customer service, and even finding new employees to fill open positions. Foursquare, with more than 2.4 million users, is proving to be another valuable social media resource, and though many are still trying to figure out exactly how to use it for their specific business, there are some very impressive success stories.

By providing people with the opportunity to “check in” to their current location, Foursquare helps users connect with nearby friends, share information/tips about the location with other users, and gather points/honors to brag about and—in certain cases—redeem rewards. To encourage repeat customers, many Foursquare-active businesses are offering freebies or specials after a certain number of “check ins.”

Alissa White is the owner of online retailer, Matcha Source of Los Angeles; she recently opened a pop-up store in Manhattan selling Matcha tea. She can attest to the value of the increasingly popular location-based social networking apps, specifically Foursquare. She has been active on the usual social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter), but the biggest success came from her use of a newer one, Foursquare. White offered a free cup of green tea to anybody who “checked in” and left a tip or feedback on Foursquare. This generated more new visitors and repeat customers, as well as tips submitted about her store on the social app.

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There are so many ways small businesses can take advantage of these free or low-cost services, but it is left to them to figure out how to make it work for their company. The key is to be creative and understand the networks and how people use each one. Not only will businesses be able to take advantage of Foursquare and not suffer financially, they also won’t have to sacrifice much time to use it effectively.

Foursquare has a big advantage over Facebook: Foursquare has users “check in” each and every time they visit a business (which leads to more visibility and activity), while Facebook is a one-time “like” of a particular business.

Another unique way businesses are using Foursquare is by holding events at their store or restaurant. For example, if more than 50 people are “checked in” to a certain location, each person earns a coveted “swarm” badge.

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6 Foursquare Marketing Tips to get your business started.

Some other apps to check out that could help you keep up with the new world of marketing: Gowalla, Whrrl, Brightkite, Yelp, WeReward

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