Branding and Making it Work for You


Branding is a marketing concept as old as business itself. A brand is a promise of value, of quality, a promise that your product or services are better than the rest. A brand is what sets your company apart from all others. A good brand should be something simple, yet unique. Your brand should not be generic or a derivative of what other people are doing. They should represent your company, be personal to your goals, and they should stand out in your customer’s minds. If you can catch a customer’s attention for even a few seconds, it could last in their minds for years, and come back to you in unexpected ways.

Lets look at Shell gasoline’s simple, yet defining, shell logo : ( While the design and style has changed several times in the last century, the basic idea has stood the test of time. And any brand, while staying flexible to adjust to current trends and taste, the core idea should never be compromised. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Trade shows and conventions can be a great medium to show off your brand and grow your business. With hundreds to thousands of potential and existing customers viewing your product and company in person, it is your chance to make a lasting impression.

One of the most important parts of your trade show is the display. Here, you want to showcase what makes your company unique, and in prominent fashion. Whether you’re known for a specific product, a phrase, your logo, friendly service, or even a particular color scheme, make it the focal point, and let it define your show as simply as possible. Your brand should be displayed clear and distinct enough to process in three seconds. Anymore, and casual passerbys will be on to the next booth before they can think to stop and learn about your company.

At your booth, your staffers should be dressed in a manner to accentuate your brand. Whether in a unique color scheme or a style of clothes, make your people different from everyone else’s.  With both, avoid theatrics and over the top humor. While they may draw the crowds, the majority of people can spot a gimmick when they see one.  Instead, offer product demonstrations and first hand experience with your services to arm attendees with the knowledge of exactly why your business is better.

Word of mouth is everything at trade shows. If you can get a significant buzz going about your booth, more people will stop by. This is where mass distribution of your brand comes into play. Make sure every trade show hand out, flyer, or guide possible has your brand printed, written or even just a sticker on it to generate interest and familiarity with your company. A helpful tip with any giveaways you hand out is to hand them out in pairs. Now every person your staff talks to can also spread your word to someone they know. Just as in candy apples, double dipping is better than once!


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