Top 3 Reasons You Know You Need a New Trade Show Booth

1. Your customers always recognize you because your booth has stayed exactly the same for the past five years.

If you exhibit with the same booth year after year, don’t be surprised if you’re not drawing any new traffic. An overused booth will reflect an outdated message and the last thing you want to do is bore your potential audience. Make sure to update your message regularly to attract the attention of show attendees.

2. The photos you used are now dated.

If the photos in your booth consist of people from past years, you may have a problem. Be selective when utilizing photographs as they have the unfortunate power of becoming dated rather quickly. If your company is investing in a booth that will be used over many years, consider an area on the display for interchangeable graphics.

3. You’re launching a new product/service.

When introducing a new product or service line, it’s important that your booth reflects it. It wouldn’t make sense to introduce a new line when your booth illustrates previous products and services (your target audience will more than likely walk right past you.) If you don’t want to redesign the entire booth, at least include new graphics promoting the latest information.

Next Week: 3 More Reasons to Update Your Booth

Source: Kelli Cathelyn, The Trade Show Network Marketing Group

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