Positive Thinking = Positive Results

It’s unlikely that most people can go through a single day without being plagued by stress. When things go awry, even the most miniscule of dilemmas can put someone in a negative state of mind. Focusing on the negative can be extremely detrimental to anyone’s outlook on business or on life in general. It’s surprising though what can happen when a person starts replacing that negativity with positive thinking. A positive mindset is one of the most powerful tools a person can possess and as soon as that optimistic way of thinking is in place, the sky’s the limit. Here are some ideas on how to infuse positive thinking into the workplace:

-Even when roadblocks get in the way, keep an expectation of positive outcomes. Before you start any project, create a list of reasons why you should be optimistic towards it and look over that list whenever you start feeling doubt and negativity.

-Always assign a meaningful purpose to mundane tasks. “A CEO once saw a hospital janitor enthusiastically mopping the floor. The CEO asked how she found so much joy in her work. The janitor replied, I’m creating a clean, safe environment that helps the nurses and doctors make people healthy.”

-Use confident language. When you use negative phrases, you’re actually strengthening the possibility of negative outcomes. By utilizing positive language, you’re not only maintaining better control over your communication, but you’re also focusing on positive results to your goals.

-Tackle your worst problem first thing every day. By accomplishing this, the rest of your concerns will seem small and you’ll increase your positive energy.

-Always create a plan for dealing with the absolute worst case scenario of any project. Once you have that in place, smaller, more likely scenarios will seem easy to get through.

-Maintain the patience to wait for results and don’t take any kind of delays to heart. They rarely have anything to do with you. If your boss hasn’t gotten back to you about your work, it’s possible that they haven’t had the opportunity to review it yet.

-Think positively about past successes. Many times, people will focus on what went wrong in past scenarios. Concentrating on the positive factors that influenced a success will be more beneficial then learning from a failure. Apply the elements from that success into future projects.

-Belief drives optimism. Trust in yourself and you will find that you are your greatest support system.

Source: Scott W. Ventrella (Positive Dynamics), http://www.bottomlinesecrets.com

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