Creative Insight: Picking the Brain of FBD2’s Design Team

“It’s All About The Eye Candy”

Last week, my lovely fiancée and I were browsing a local wine shop determined to pick out something new that we would both enjoy. Before I continue with this story, it’s imperative that I tell you I’m far from the wine connoisseur, so my future wife had quite the advantage over me. She was basing her selection on her knowledge of wine styles, reviews and varieties she had tasted before… I was judging my buying decision based on the label artwork. Classy eh?

While you’re probably laughing at my method, I wanted to tell this story to prove a point about the visual aesthetic of marketing. A large portion of the world thinks and responds to visual stimulus (not just us designers either.) When you put forth a strategic creative effort towards the presentation of your product, you’re not only demonstrating what sets you apart on a visual level, but you’re also giving that product an opportunity to attract a wider audience, even one that may be inexperienced with what you’re offering.

By applying this concept, a number of vineyards were able to put out a product that even a wine novice would be intrigued to purchase… yes, I’m referring to myself. What it comes down to is that it’s all about the eye candy. Don’t be afraid to go the extra creative mile with your marketing. A visually interesting design will always put you ahead of the competition.

Scott Bykowicz is the Marketing Coordinator for FB Displays & Designs  Inc. as well as a Graphic Designer on their creative team.

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