How to Ruin Your Facebook Page!

Tips to Prevent Damaging Your Social Media Reputation

Having your business present across multiple social media networks is absolutely necessary in this day and age of marketing. With that in mind, many companies jump on the social media bandwagon without fully understanding how to properly utilize these sites. Here are some social media practices to avoid (unless you want to ruin your Facebook page!):

Abandoning Profiles For Long Periods of Time

Despite the importance of social media sites, they tend to hit the backburner very often when more urgent and crucial tasks are constantly at hand. Updating your profile on a regular basis is vital to maintaining a stable social media presence. On top of that, you probably don’t realize how many times a day your social media sites are visited. If your company has a Facebook page, it’s going to show up on the first page of any search engine so remember to keep a steady schedule of updates.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Posting multiple variations of a twitter update in a really short period of time won’t bring you more traffic… it’s just going to annoy people. As a result, you may lose followers. There’s nothing wrong with automating your tweets as long as it’s done with careful consideration.

Neglecting to Remove Spam

As you build a following on your social media networks, you’re bound to get hit with spam in the form of comments. Be sure to moderate the comments on your social media sites as that spam can turn away potential clients.

Selling Without Engaging First

The purpose of social media networks is just that, to network. You’re interacting with others, learning and establishing your brand. Don’t treat your profiles like a sale ad in the Sunday newspaper. You build value to your products and services by developing relationships through your interaction. When you start throwing up prices, it deters the value of what you’re offering.

Quantity Over Quality

Social media isn’t a popularity contest. Having 100,000 followers on Twitter won’t do anything but hinder the focus of your content. It’s more beneficial to direct your brand towards a manageable group that’s easy to interact with. A target audience will make your social media sites a better outlet to illustrate your message.

SOURCE: JD Rucker, “How to Use Social Media to Bum Out Your Customers in 2011”

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