4 Ways to Capture a Client and Make Them a Buyer Forever

In chess, there’s only one way to win: Capture your opponent’s pieces. Marketing is similar, because, unless you capture people with your message and your value proposition, you won’t win. So what are the best ways to capture your audience?

1. Capture Their Attention

Because there is a lot of competition out there, creativity must be utilized in order to stand out to prospective clients. Instead of discounting prices, which only lessens the value of a brand, offer courtesy services that will demonstrate your high level of customer service.

2. Capture Their Imagination

It’s always a great idea to stimulate a clientts’ imagination. While some may respond to just facts and figures, it’s usually wise to bring visuals to the table. Illustrating your solutions will make a larger impact and allow their creative side to shine.

3. Capture Their Affection

Engaging emotions is a very powerful sales tool. Mention stories of past clients in similar industries who have benefited from your solutions or talk about how your company made a difference in the community. There’s no need to go into technical detail, you’re simply providing an emotional foundation for your client to relate to.

4. Capture Their Self-Interest

Clearly explain the WIIFM (“What’s In It For Me?”) Putting the spotlight on the clients’ wants and needs will be effective in peaking their interest. Failing to focus on the WIIFM is showing a prospective client that you’re more concerned with selling rather than offering a solution.

You need to structure your communications to touch all four of these “captures.” Grab your audience in the first 15 seconds. Move their minds and hearts immediately after. Make the call to action clear and compelling. These four moves will go a long way toward achieving the goal.

SOURCE: Steve Woodruff, http://www.marketingprofs.com

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