14 Words That Lose Money

For all those setting up e-commerce sites, writing marketing copy or simply communicating with a client via e-mail, it’s important to know that there’s many commonly used words that can prove to be detrimental in achieving a sale. Below is a list of 14 normally used words that can be hazardous when applied to selling as well as some ways to avoid them:

1. Price

Price is a hard word to avoid, but it’s always worthwhile to substitute other words in its place. With e-commerce sites, including the actual price can actually prove more beneficial than using the word “price.”

2. Cost

Similar to “price”, this word is sometimes hard to avoid as well.

3. Sign

“Sign” can overwhelm your potential customers with a feeling of permanence in their purchase. Instead of asking customers to “sign in” to your page, try using the phrase “log-in”,”For your convenience, enter your details” or even “For faster checkout, enter your details”.

4. Buy

“Buy Now” buttons can intimidate potential buyers as it gives them a small window with their buying decision. Try something more friendly such as “Add to Cart” or “Proceed to Checkout”. By doing this, the buyer will feel more comfortable knowing they have time to contemplate their purchase.

5. Expensive

Just avoid this word all together.

6. Deals

Refer to any kind of “deals” as “Sales” or “Specials” instead. The word “deals” can imply the products could be cheap or that the rest of your products must be normally overpriced. The ultimate perception is in the eye of the consumer.

7. Sold

“Sold out” can come off as a negative phrase. Instead of listing products on your site as being “sold out”, either remove them completely or refer to them as “Currently Unavailable”.

8. Charge

“Charge” is another one of those intimidating words to customers. Replace words like “Charge Information” or “Charge Account” with “Billing Information” or “Credit Card Information”.

9. Try

When cross-selling products, refrain from saying “Try these other products you may like”. It can come off as making you sound pushy. Instead, use “Other Items of Similar Interest” or a phrase along those lines.

10. Bad

“Bad” is simply that. Replace “Bad Login” or “Bad Credit Card Number” with “Invalid Login” or “Invalid Credit Card Number”.

11. Lose

Saying “You have nothing to lose” may “lose” you a sale. Discuss benefits of the product or service to your customer instead of using this tagline.

12. Complicated

“Not Complicated” can be a heavy sounding phrase. Try “Easy to use” in place of it.

13. Risk

Next to “expensive”, one of the words you should steer clear of.

14. Obligation

“Obligation” can scare customers by implying a sense of commitment to your products and services. Even in the negative sense, “No obligation” can work against you.

SOURCE: Eric Leuenberger  “14 Words that LOSE Money” , zencartoptimization.com

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