“When One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch”

I understand we focus a large portion of our blog articles on customer service, but we can’t stress enough how essential it truly is to the value of a company. While your collective team has a crucial role in emanating your company’s core values, it’s important that each individual also contributes with that same mindset, otherwise, you’ll see how “one bad apple can spoil the bunch”.

On a personal note, I enjoy what I do for a living and my work environment encourages a constant flow of creativity so naturally, I’ve adopted the culture of my office into my work ethic. Establishing a set of values that can really grow on people with different personalities is an effective morale booster. Unfortunately, this tool will not always be successful with every team member you bring aboard.

During instances like those, it’s important to recognize the signs that will differentiate those who help your organization thrive, and those who are simply in it for a paycheck. Thankfully, it’s very easy to pinpoint the “MVPs” of your team. These individuals will normally display a positive attitude in the workplace, which in turn will contribute to exceptional customer service. Team players will also be instrumental in bringing new ideas to the table on a regular basis while showing an interest in helping your company flourish.

From experience, the “bad apples” normally make themselves known from the start – Illustrating detachment from a team environment and being hesitant towards adding input with any discussions. An “MVP” has no trouble voicing questions and opinions while a “bad apple” will simply keep his or her mouth shut. The ultimate issue with having unenthusiastic team members is the risk they pose towards your customer service. One bad phone conversation can ultimately destroy a relationship with a client.

There’s no doubt you deserve a team of all-stars to represent your company, so make sure you identify the players that will benefit you in the overall scheme of things. Recognize the individuals who will help you succeed and don’t be afraid to let go of those who will be harmful to your core culture. Remember, it only takes “one bad apple to spoil the bunch”.

Scott Bykowicz is the Marketing Coordinator for FB Displays & Designs, Inc.

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