Is Your Mail Being Opened?

Direct mail campaigns are very similar to trade show exhibits.  Both allow very little time (no more than three seconds) to catch the attention of an audience. If you can’t peak your targets’ interest immediately, then you’ve lost them. Just like a trade show display, appearance and creativity are key – especially when you’re competing with a multitude of similar looking envelopes in every mailbox. With some simple steps, you can make your direct mail campaigns stand out from the crowd.

1. The Value of Exclusivity

Studies have shown that when limited opportunities are presented to specific groups of people, they are perceived as being of high value. Using urgent language on your envelope can help boost its level of importance to your target viewer.

2. Using “Eye-Magnet” Words

As odd as it may sound, certain words actually attract the human eye more than others. Some examples of these include “announcing”, “introducing”, “new”, “now”, “finally”, and “soon”. Try using some of these words in your copy to help increase overall engagement with the piece.

3. Social Proof

Customer testimonials can be a powerful tool to utilize in your marketing materials, mainly because it drives interest towards a product or service based on the positive experiences of others. Decision making tends to be influenced based on the success of others so including customer related information will always be beneficial.

4. The Power of Pain

People tend to prefer the avoidance of pain over the achievement of pleasure and your copy should reflect that. Instead of saying “Take advantage of this great offer”, try “Don’t miss out on this great offer!”

5. Keep Design in Mind

At a trade show, the goal of your exhibit is to capture the attention of attendees before your competitors do. Your direct mail campaign has the same purpose. It must stand out amongst the other envelopes in your recipient’s mailbox. For that reason, it’s important to take extra time to ensure what you’re sending out is carefully designed to look very important and official. The more your piece stands out, the more likely it is to be opened.

SOURCE: Nancy Harnut, Direct Marketing News, February 2011

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