Just Play It Cool

“There isn’t enough time in a day”. I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase countless times in your working life. The fact of the matter is that the constant accumulation of tasks on any given workday can make time management a real challenge. Which assignments take precedence? How do you complete all your goals on schedule?

It’s hard to believe it but procrastination may be your best resource in achieving success. This simple act can help us structure our priorities and give each task the appropriate amount of attention it requires. Putting tasks off can raise our energy and free our minds to help us see opportunities where others perceive obstacles. Here are 5 ways to use procrastination to your advantage:

1. Release Unnecessary Guilt Associated With Putting Off Tasks

Sometimes finding an immediate solution to a problem is just not in the cards. Instead of focusing excessive energy on it, put this hurdle aside while you complete less daunting tasks. This will free your mind and allow you to naturally ponder a solution instead of forcing yourself to think of it.

2. Avoid Heartache By Taking a Moment

Time is a wonderful mood-changer. No matter how urgent it may be, never respond to anyone when you’re upset. Angry thoughts aren’t rational. In order to accomplish goals in a productive manner, wait until you calm down before sending any communication to the people on your team. Even if you’re behind schedule, it will still be more beneficial in the long run.

3. Allow Others to Provide Answers For You

Some actions we take can actually slow our progress in achieving goals. For example, if you’re constantly copied on e-mails from co-workers, try occasionally hesitating on your replies. This gives others on your team the opportunity to voice their ideas, which may prove to be more effective than what you would have just automatically formulated.

4. State Why You’re Procrastinating

Hesitation stems from not knowing our next action. Instead of wasting time making excuses when you get sidetracked, think about what caused the distraction. Write down these reasons and then try to develop a way to overcome the challenge. Investigate new solutions so the next time a similar distraction occurs, you’ll better understand how to resolve it quickly.

5. Practice Procrastination

As crazy as this sounds, set a certain amount of time each day to do nothing but imagine. Taking this time can help you focus on the results you want to achieve and may even lead you towards developing unique and creative methods to get to those results. Don’t think of procrastinating as something that’s bad. When utilized properly, it can be a powerful tool in helping you attain your constantly evolving goals.

SOURCE: Romanus Wolter, Entrepreneur Magazine – Sept. 2006

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