Empty Space Is Always a Good Thing!

Take a look at the picture of the display above designed and produced by our talented FBD2 team for Airsep Corporation. What area of the design grabs your attention first? I’m going to go out on a limb and say you either noticed the logo or the text first. Actually, I know either of those elements are where your eyes first focused. You’ve just experienced the visual power of negative space!

Negative space or “white space” (which isn’t always necessarily white) is an effective tool in creating compelling designs. These areas are void of any text or imagery and help draw focus and emphasize on the important elements that are present in the graphic. There are two types of negative space – Active and Passive. Active negative space is used intentionally in the design process while Passive negative space is added as a result of the layout process.

There are quite a few reasons why negative space works successfully in the realm of graphic design:

– Helps Direct the Viewer’s Eye – Eye flow is very important. The use of white space directs the reader or the viewer as to what the eyes could view next.

-Improves Readability – Books and other print materials utilize white space to allow the reader to see and understand the text. The same goes for designing. It allows for the message of your graphics to be comprehended well.

– Creates a Balanced and Harmonious Layout –Spaces create a balance in your output. Without white spaces, your design will seem to create unsteadiness in the eyes. Imagine reading a magazine or an advertisement with no spaces between letters and images. You wouldn’t want to read that anymore! These spaces also show the relationship of one element to another.

-White Space Attracts the Eyes – With certain graphics, the design can be more influential than the purpose. Using white space can attract attention to designs, even from far distances.

-Creates Professional, Sophisticated and Elegant Designs – Generous white space is used in the luxury market. Advertisements of expensive and branded items usually come with white spaces. Most of the time, cosmetics use posters that have more white spaces to show that their products are of high quality and expensive. If you are observant, most local and cheap products come in colorful packages but expensive ones use minimal colors.

Interestingly enough, human beings possess the “law of parsimony” in our visual stimulus, meaning we naturally prefer to look at things that are not crowded and heavy on the eyes. With the mindset of “less is better”, the use of white space paves the way to a clearer communication of ideas and highly effective graphic design.

SOURCE: Karren Liez, www.NaldzGraphics.net

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