Bring Motivation Back to Pre-Recession Levels

Despite the economic obstacles that many businesses have had to struggle with over the past couple of years, FB Displays & Designs, Inc. has held its own in the small business community. Instead of focusing on how the fragile economy may prove toxic to our business model, the FBD2 team continually drives to do what we do best – provide our clients with the most creative and beneficial solutions for their exhibiting strategies.

While we have been fortunate during these hard times, other businesses are faced with issues of morale. In order to maintain growth, it’s essential to help your employees overcome their fears and uncertainty with the following tips:

• Address Their Needs Individually

Keep in mind that employees are motivated by different factors. Our team is rewarded in multiple ways from being treated to lunch when a successful project is completed or getting to go home early when goals are met ahead of schedule. While an overall program of incentives may increase morale and productivity to some extent, tailoring rewards to individual motivations will add to your efforts.

• Recognize Their Fears

While our office is small, there is still the occasional nervousness about the possibility of cutbacks. Fortunately, our fears are always acknowledged so the focus is on work. It’s important to acknowledge the worries of your employees so you too can start to move forward without illusions on anyone’s part.

• Tap Into Your Employees’ Energy

Each individual member of the FBD2 team possesses a unique talent and desire that allows him or her to be a vital part of the company as a whole. Look at what your employees and teams are doing well. Instead of drastically changing their direction, build your plans for growth around their strengths.

• Highlight Employees’ Achievements

We always like to give positive feedback to each other when it’s due. Our team is very supportive as each individual contributes to the business in his or her own unique way. Look for examples of what an employee is doing well, and praise him or her for it. A small victory can boost an employee’s motivation and spur him or her on to bigger accomplishments.

• Push Yourself

We are fortunate enough to have a team that loves coming in every day and bringing our client’s ideas to life. Hopefully, you possess the same enthusiasm for your company so let your employees know it! If you come across as cynical or burned out, they won’t see any reason to act differently. Commitment and desire to your business will be one of the largest factors in helping it grow during a recession.


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