10 Strange Ways To Be Productive At Work

In any workplace, there’s always a blend of personalities amongst employees. For many, the common office presents itself as a work environment conducive to getting things done. However, there may be others that require alternative methods to help them become more productive at work. While these methods may be increasing productivity for the individual, some might consider them a bit strange or even extreme. To that end, here are some odd suggestions that may help you win the battle against workplace inefficiency…

Make Appointments with Yourself

Your boss might get a bit curious if he sees your calendar filled with meetings scheduled with yourself, but blocking your time is key to getting work done. Be bold and schedule meetings not only with yourself but also with your projects and tough tasks.

Don’t Check Your Email

What would happen if you turned off the email on your smart phone? What if you only checked your email in the morning, lunch, and close of the day? For some, this is a factor in raising their productivity.

Close Your Door

Close your door when you need uninterrupted time to work. I am sure some HR types are gasping at this one, but “Open Door Policies” are not about physical doors, rather they are about relationships.

Don’t Answer Your Phone

Your phone is there for your convenience. Not so that anyone (including a solicitor) can interrupt you any time of day. Don’t answer your phone when you are busy. If it’s important, they’ll leave a voicemail.

Clean Your Workspace

OK, this one may not sound that bizarre, but some will say that having a clean desk will make people think you are not busy. In reality, keeping a clean workspace will not only let you get more done, but will have others thinking you are doubly on top of your job.

Prepare For Your Day

This one will make others think you are dangerous. In fact, it will scare some of your co-workers. Most people walk into their day unprepared and simply “show up.” When you walk into that meeting with documents already reviewed and marked up, your co-workers will perk up in their seats.

Go Hide Somewhere

If your cubicle or office is not a productive place to work, then go hide out someplace quiet. Maybe a place where there is less traffic and noise. Many workers have their own productivity place that they go to when they need to concentrate on tough projects.


Too much can be too much. But, too little can be deadly. Make sure that you keep your boss aware of the status of projects and work. You want them to be ready to answer questions when asked, and be aware in advance of anything that may be a problem.

Start New Things

If you want to get things done, sometimes you have to be the initiator. Suggest new ideas whether they are new processes, procedures, or products. You never know if one of those ideas may end up being the flagship to growth for your company.

Stand Out

Companies also like normal. They like conformity. Sometimes you need to stand out to be recognized. I am not saying to wear fluorescent colors and bow ties, but dare to be different. After all, if everyone else is the same in their appearance, performance, and skills… well, you get the point.

Integrate some of these methods into your daily routine and see if they prove to be successful for you. There’s nothing wrong with trying something strange and who knows, you may increase your productivity at work!

SOURCE: Craig Jarrow, TimeManagementNinja.com

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