How to Make Your Next Show’s Installation & Dismantle a Breeze

1. Always arrive early

If the setup time begins at 3 PM, get to the show’s location 10 minutes early. Chances are, they’ll allow you to begin setting up your display ahead of time. If you’re unfamiliar with your company’s display or it’s your first time doing an installation, being early will give you the opportunity to setup at a comfortable pace. The other advantage of being punctual is if you run into the unfortunate instance that you forget an essential piece of your exhibit. This extra time will allow you a chance to either return to your office and retrieve the missing piece or pay a quick visit to a local store that may sell the item you need.

2. Have all the show’s information on hand

While this is a given, it’s essential to have copies of all the show’s information including important contacts, addresses, setup times and directions as well as any other special instructions that may be relevant. If you’re unfamiliar with the display you’re setting up, bring along setup instructions as well.

3. Make sure to bring a Gang Box

A Gang-Box is basically a trade show survival kit. It’s always necessary to have one of these prepared and packed along side your exhibit before heading out to an event setup. For more in-depth information on gang boxes, you can read our article here. (

4. Respect the exhibitors around you

This refers to everything from making sure your display cases aren’t blocking the aisle or interfering with the booth next to you, refraining from too much distractive chatter with other exhibitors or even setting up your display in a manner that interferes with your neighbors. Respect should also be given to the location as well. Don’t stand on chairs to set up your display. If your booth space comes with a table you don’t have space for, find a staff member and inform them instead of just shoving it somewhere.

5. Avoid an early dismantle

Wait until all attendees have left the show before taking down your display. If your staff is unable to work the entire show, take that into consideration before deciding to exhibit to prevent a trade show faux pas. Taking down a display prior to the end of a show can cause a few problems. Imagine if a highly interested prospect chose to wait and approach you until the end of a show. If you’re in the middle of taking down a display, not only are you unable to give that prospect complete attention, but you’re also conveying the image that your company isn’t willing to go the distance to do business. If you also start bringing out cases and taking down components while attendees are still walking the aisles, you risk creating obstacles for them. Wait until the show floor is clear before performing your dismantle.

Following these ideas will make your next show’s installation and dismantle much less of a hassle and leave you more time to focus on getting new leads and potential clients. If you have any other advice on setting up for a trade show, let us know! We would love to hear your ideas!

Scott Bykowicz is the Marketing Coordinator for FB Displays & Designs, Inc.

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