The Unequaled Benefits of Event Marketing

Our clients who are engaged in an active trade show program confirm the importance of attending trade shows.

“We attended the largest conference in our industry and it was the perfect venue to launch our new product. Our booth was a positive traffic generator for us and we walked away with leads not only from the US but Europe, Asia and South America.”  -Randy Kraft, Tracking Innovations, LLC.

While many business owners realize the benefits their company can reap from exhibiting at trade shows, still many are hesitant to participate in events. If you’re looking to justify the costs of face-to-face marketing, here are a few advantages to event marketing that no other marketing effort can offer:

Start a dialogue. A two-way conversation is better than mono-directional broadcasts, and face-to-face marketing on the trade show floor or at other events is the best way to begin that communication. While your brand’s message may engage a wider audience, your booth staff has the opportunity to customize that message towards prospects of various industries and their particular needs.

A personal connection builds trust. Being in front of your company’s brand and message at an event will make a prospect feel more comfortable being approached and listening to the capabilities and services. A trade show exhibit space is one of the few places today where a “sales pitch” isn’t taboo.

You’ll also have access to a receptive audience for your message because that audience is most likely attending your event because of interest in trends in your industry.

Immediate fulfillment of prospect requests. Booth staff can answer questions, provide information, deliver catalogs, and set up accounts on the expo floor. The interested client doesn’t need to wait for a returned call, a sample to ship, or a sales person to schedule a meeting in order to get the process started.

Being present at a show also establishes or reinforces brand awareness and industry prominence. Even if your company is lucky enough to enjoy a dominant position in your market, it’s wise to reinforce that lead position and stay top-of-mind for your existing clients in addition to maintaining or enhancing your brand awareness to those who haven’t yet joined the majority.

SOURCE: Page Ballenger, Blog

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