3 Things Your Clients Won’t Tell You … Unless You Ask

When it comes to driving your business, there are two important goals that should immediately come to mind:

1. You want your clients to become even better clients

2. You want those clients to tell others about you.

This magical one-two punch is what grows your business without inflating your expenses. However, achieving these two goals requires getting the answers to three things your clients won’t tell you … unless you ask. Here are the three questions that will reveal what you need to know to boost your bottom line:

1. Why Do You Enjoy Being My Client?

Whether it’s good rates, superior service or beneficial solutions, repeat clients will have their reasons for continually doing business with your company. Surprisingly though, it’s rare that your clients will ever volunteer this information without being asked… so ask them.

Finding out what you’re doing right and deciphering patterns amongst repeat clients can help you better focus your marketing strategies and attract more clients with similar wants and needs.

2. What Else Do You Wish My Business Did?

It’s more than likely that your clients are in need of other services and products while they’re working with you on a project. Instead of letting this become a missed opportunity, find out what else they want and discover how you can offer it. If it’s easy to do, you might consider making it a part of your company’s services. If it’s out of your business scope however, there’s the possibility of making deals with trusted vendors and recommending them to your client. Either way, it’s a chance to tap into more potential revenue but you have to ask.

3. Who Should You Tell About My Business?

Chances are high that people who enjoy doing business with you know others who would benefit as well from what you have to offer… but they won’t necessarily volunteer this information

A good way to make networking with future clients easier is to offer incentives including complimentary services or discounts. Give people a good enough reason to spread the word about you, and they surely will. When your brand becomes a standard of excellence that attracts new customers, the effort you put into creating it will pay off.

We invite you to share what other questions you would like to ask your clients.

SOURCE: Dave Navarro, FreelanceFolder.com

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