Creating a Successful Exhibit Without Breaking the Bank

While face-to-face marketing events have seen an increase in participation this year, many companies are still seeking the most cost-efficient ways to exhibit and effectively promote their brand. Even when budget is a concern, it’s still possible to have a great looking trade show display. Here are some simple and cost-free tips that are bound to bring more visitors to your booth:

Balance – Think Feng Shui

If you have a small trade show display, create a balanced background with the furniture and the display material by placing it in different locations of your booth space, instead of concentrating it in one area. You can achieve a sense of balance and comfort this way and your customers will feel more welcomed into your booth if it is free from clutter and appealing to the eye.

Furniture – Think small

Even though huge leather sofas are the most comfortable things in the world, do not put one in your booth. They are expensive and will take up too much space. Choose a few chairs instead with colors that compliment your display graphics as well as your company’s branding and identity. They are a perfect seating solution for having conversations with potential clients.

Lighting – Illuminate your brand

Lights are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Properly utilizing lights can help your trade show display look brighter and allow your message and branding to be better viewed from a distance. Illuminated displays will work wonders at drawing traffic to your booth.

Personnel – To hire, or not to hire

Instead of hiring expensive and untrained hosts to work your booth, use employees of your company. They understand the details of your products and services and will be better suited to answer any questions. In addition, it does not cost you a thing to ask them to smile. A genuine smile and a professional look can relay a positive image of your company and attract prospects.

The trade show display is, indeed, just one of the components involved in a successful marketing strategy, but if it is done right, and presented well it will send a lasting impression about the quality and individuality of your business, even on a small budget.


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