The Other Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

When it comes to the justification for exhibiting at tradeshows, there is plenty of focus on marketing, lead generation and most importantly, sales. While these are definitely important benefits to exhibiting, there are several other very good reasons for companies to participate in trade shows.

The Investment Community

Companies of all sizes, whether public or private, need to consider that many investment analysts attend trade shows. Where better to gauge a company’s market position relative to their industry than at a show? Financial statements are not the only consideration when deciding on investments. Savvy institutional investors often walk the aisles of shows to better understand current positions and future potential of many different companies.

The Press

Some people may not believe it, but the press is actually present at shows more often than you think. In every industry, people want to see what’s up and coming and . In addition, the information that is published will more than likely be posted on the internet, allowing global exposure. Favorable press coverage can really help your marketing efforts and increase your brand awareness.


Many exhibitors don’t realize that their next event could lead them to recruiting new talent for their organization. When a company comes to a show with a new or larger exhibit, prospective salespeople or managers see a financially strong, growing company, and are much more likely to have interest in possible career opportunities.

Market Research

When a prospect comes to your booth, why not do some market research? The key here is to formalize the information gathered by asking questions that can help benefit your current offerings. The data you collect can provide valuable information for future product or service development.

While these reasons may seem less than enough to justify the investment of exhibiting at a trade show on their own, they all can add to your overall ROI. As such, be sure to consider all of the potential benefits the next time you consider exhibiting.

Outside of lead generation, what are some of the motivating factors that push your company to exhibit at trade shows and face-to-face marketing events?

SOURCE: Trade Show Insider’s Blog,

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