Over the Years… Thanksgiving Edition

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Up until the time we had the pleasure of working with Sefar Inc., I had never been to New Orleans. To say that I’m thankful I went would be just a bit of an understatement (to say that my coworkers were thankful to have another “T-free” day as a result would be even more so). Happier still was I that the airlines didn’t have flights available for me to do my usual “One Day In/Out” routine, thus forcing me to fly in the day before the install. This in turn forced me to spend the day enjoying myself while I walked up and down Bourbon Street and all the other streets that intersect it. It’s a fascinating place, and I highly recommend that you try to get there at least once in your life. I mean, where else do you think you’re going to find a park dedicated to the likes of Louis Prima and Al Hirt?

In general, traveling has become one of the great pleasures in my life that, while growing up, I never thought would be. Back then, I was very much of a homebody, and I looked forward to being able to one-day purchase the house directly next to my folks – assuming they wouldn’t allow me to build one directly on top of theirs. But now, I almost dive at any chance I can get to travel. On the one hand, it allows me to see a new place, feel a new vibe, experience a new kind of person. And on the other hand, it allows me to ensure first hand that our clients are being well taken care of. They deserve to be. And while I don’t have a third hand, if I did, on it I would mention that I enjoy traveling because absence actually does help to make the heart grow fonder. In laymen’s terms – it’s when I go away that I realize most clearly how important my family is to me.

I am looking forward to spending another Thanksgiving with them – my personal favorite Holiday of the year. It’s my favorite because there’s no fuss nor muss to it. Unlike other holidays, there’s nothing to do and nowhere to run off to. Just a warm house, cozy slippers, good food, the people you love and giving thanks for whatever it is you happen to be thankful for. Personally speaking, among other things, I am thankful for you. It’s you who help me to provide the warm house, the cozy slippers and the good food (well, the food at any rate. It’s actually my wife who makes it “good”). It’s through your partnership with FB Displays & Designs Inc. that we can continue to do what we do best. I just thought you should know that, and that we’re thankful for you as a result.

I hope you all have someone in your life that is able to make food good, and I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Troy Stover is the Operations Manager for FB Displays & Designs, Inc.

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