The Advantages of Working With Small Businesses

If you have ever had the opportunity to work with a small business, it’s easy to notice they possess natural advantages that are increasingly favored in the realms of both B2B and B2C alike. Small companies have the ability to offer unique solutions and service their clients in an entirely different way than larger corporations… So you may ask what exactly sets small businesses apart from their larger competitors?

This list of traits illustrates the advantages of working with small businesses:


In order to survive, most small businesses adopt focus on a specific niche. In doing so, they develop a premium reputation for being able to serve the demand for that niche.


Small business owners are so close to their clients that they can experience what each client experiences. They can deliver CEO level experience to every client they work with, no matter how big or small.


Small businesses grow with customer needs. Often, they can provide products and services that address highly personalized requests at a moments notice.


The best small businesses understand the value of surprising their clients from time to time. A simple interrupt in the system can even become a system for a small business.


Smart small businesses create networks of strategic partners and address the needs of their clients with the best and brightest every time.


The proper use of technology allows small businesses to put up big shop follow-up, service and prospecting without the overhead.


Small businesses want to educate their prospects before they trying to break ground selling to them. This trust building process makes selling unnecessary and delivers the ideal client relationships.


It’s all about establishing personal connections and creating professional relationships. Clients form partnerships with small businesses when they have the ability to connect to something beyond their products and services.

SOURCE: John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing


We would like to hear about your experiences working with small businesses! What aspects of your experience really stood out and benefited the end result of your professional partnership?

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