The Pitfalls of Too Much Marketing

No matter what role you play within a business, you share a universal mission… to reach customers and prospects.

What steps do you take to carry out this mission? You might start by sending out marketing materials, then more, then more… Yet you still don’t receive the response you want. In fact, the response is actually decreasing now, which instinctively makes you try harder. At this point, you’re running into a common problem – over-marketing.

Is it possible to over-market? It sure is. In fact, this is actually a very detrimental activity for a business.

When you decide to directly market to your prospects, either through social media, email, or printed materials like direct mail pieces, it’s important to be careful how you do it. It’s easy to cross the line into spamming and degrade your image.

Choosing how to conduct your marketing activities depends on the type of business you’re a part of, and what you are trying to sell. To avoid turning off your customers and decreasing your prospects, choose your marketing tactics carefully.

A good rule of thumb is don’t repetitively spam your prospects with emails, direct mail or other marketing materials in a very short period of time. It’s like receiving a phone call everyday from the same company, saying the same thing, with the same tone, and the same words. It’s vital to schedule e-mail blasts and direct mailings at appropriately spaced intervals so clients and prospects aren’t bombarded and turned off by your marketing. In fact, creating regularly scheduled e-mail blasts will help your marketing efforts become more focused and even attract more customers and prospects in the long run.

If you need to increase interaction with your prospects, vary your materials and let them have the option to view it rather than forcing it upon them. Employ more inbound marketing strategies. Save the messages you really want them to see for planned campaigns and outbound marketing. By doing this, you will get their attention when you really need it, but not turn them off by continuously shoving a bug in their ear.

SOURCE: Elizabeth Armenta,


How much marketing is too much? We would love to hear your feedback!

2 thoughts on “The Pitfalls of Too Much Marketing

  1. Hi,
    Enjoyed the article.

    Being a small business owner I’m always looking for news, helpful blogs, and articles about running and marketing a small business.

    Reading about other businesses and what they are doing is always helpful.

    Keep up the good work

    JBS Printing, LLC
    1401 Hanover Street
    Hanover, MA 02339

    1. Brian,

      Thanks for your kind words! We’re always looking to provide informative articles to our audience and while our expertise is in the realm of trade shows and face-to-face marketing, we always do our best to keep our blog topics relevant and interesting to all businesses out there.

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