Going the Distance: Tips for Staying Energized When Exhibiting

By: Lisa Shackelford, M.S.

Trade shows are a great way to meet potential clients face-to-face and build relationships. However, working an exhibit can be mentally and physically exhausting. In order to get the most out of face-to-face meetings with potential clients, it is necessary to be as alert and enthusiastic at the end of the show as at the beginning of the show. Here are some ways to boost your trade show exhibiting stamina.

Wear comfortable shoes that still look professional.  Having aching feet will no doubt affect your mood, how the rest of your body holds up, and how you appear to potential clients.

Make sure to take a lunch break. While the display needs to be covered at all time, work out a schedule so that everyone working can take a lunch break. Do not bring the food back to the booth to eat. Find a quiet spot to sit down and relax while eating. Even if the break is short, it gives you time to re-energize, which will show when interacting with potential customers.

Bring a supply of strong breath mints.  The mints serve two purposes: one is to ensure that your breath is fresh when speaking with clients; the other is to create an invigorating sensation that will put your senses on alert.

Eat breakfast before the trade show begins.  This will give you increased energy throughout the day.

Keep hydrated. Hide a water bottle out of sight and take frequent water breaks.

Take frequent breaks to walk the floor.  Walking around will increase your blood flow, and will revitalize both your mind and body. This also allows you the chance to network and investigate competitors’ exhibits.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before a show.  While it may be tempting to go out all night, especially in a new city, your body and your lead generation will pay the price the next day,

Bring high-protein snacks.  Snacks like almonds, apples, bananas, etc. can give your energy a boost.  Avoid sugary or salty snacks and avoid eating at the display.

Talk to your neighbors during down time.  A short, friendly conversation can provide a mental pick-me-up during a slower portion of the day.

In order to make the most of a trade show exhibit, the workers need to be energized and ready to speak with potential clients at any moment. The energy shown by those staffing the display directly affects the image of the company, and the leads and sales that will stem from a trade show appearance.

Lisa Shackelford is the Marketing Coordinator at FB Displays & Designs, Inc. 

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