How to Engage Trade Show Attendees at Your Exhibit

Trade show marketing is most successful when attendees are engaged when visiting your exhibit. Creating an interactive experience at your exhibit solidifies your company’s message in the mind of a potential client. Here are some tips for engaging visitors at your exhibit.

  • Remember that first impressions are everything. Not only does your display need to grab the attention of attendees, but also your staff needs to appear enthusiastic and inviting to passersby.
  • Make sure your staff is trained properly on your products. A staffer who does not have appropriate product knowledge may feel insecure in their ability to interact with attendees and may be much more hesitant to speak with potential leads.
  • Conduct brief demonstrations. A demonstration gives attendees the ability to test out your product first-hand and highlights the value of your product in a tangible way.
  • Ask attendees open-ended questions, instead of reciting a sales pitch. Asking open-ended questions demonstrates your willingness to offer a solution to your clients’ business challenges and show the potential client what type of service they can expect from your company.
  • Use touch screen technology to bring a “hands-on” element to the exhibit. For example, you can use an iPad to showcase photos your products, play videos of your products in use, create in-booth activities and manage leads.
  • Activate multiple senses simultaneously. At an exposition I attended a few months ago, an exhibitor distributed fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to attendees. While the cookies satisfied their taste buds, the smell engulfed the room and drew attendees to the exhibit.
  • Use social media during the show to share what is happening at your exhibit. Live tweet during a show. Share pictures of your display on Twitter and Facebook while at the show. Encourage attendees to do the same, possibly with a contest or other incentive to participate.
  • Position your gregarious staffers at the front of your booth, close to the aisle.  These members of your team will be more comfortable starting a conversation with attendees who are passing by and may not have stopped otherwise.

The trade show environment creates a unique opportunity for vendors to interact with potential clients face-to-face. Engaging trade show attendees at your exhibit is the best way to leverage this advantage and create a memorable experience, that will unquestionably matter when the moment comes for your potential client to make a purchase.

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