Stand Out, Using What You’re Standing On

                A Guest Blog Post from FBD2’s Operations Manager, Troy Stover 

While serving in the Marine Corps, a little over a lifetime ago, I recall a certain double-time cadence we used to sing, that went something like this: “ain’t no use in looking down, ain’t no Discharge on the ground.”

Now while this may be good advice in general, whether you’re in search of Discharge papers or not, I’m fairly certain that the producers of trade show flooring would hope that you actually do look down occasionally. In fact, they’re making great strides to ensure that you do just that.

In trade show settings, flooring is usually the one thing that isn’t given too much attention, which is exactly why you should start thinking more about it. Especially given the fact that in a trade show setting, everything counts when you’re trying to stand out and above from the competition.

The average exhibitor will simply rent carpet from the event, and aisle upon endless aisle of black, grey, blue and blah smudges can be seen as a result. Smart exhibitors however, take t time to choose a flooring solution that will not only support, but also enhance their branding space. Smart exhibitors make use of wood grains, patterns and inlays to complete their look, because smart exhibitors know that “average” isn’t going to cut it when you’re hoping to maximize your ROI.

Smart exhibitors now have one more tool to aid them in their branding mission. New technology allows us to create flooring that is custom printed to meet with a specific display design. Need a stream running through your booth? Now we can help, and all without galoshes even being required. Hopeful that even the attendees who are of the “keep-my-eyes-firmly-locked-to-the-floor-in-fear-that-an-exhibitor-might-actually-make-eye-contact-with-me” type will still be able to find you? Now we can print your logo on the very place that their type is most apt to find it.




Photo Courtesy of Brumark Total Flooring Solutions


Does unique flooring add cost to your overall display and shipping budget? Sure does. But that doesn’t necessarily make it a money loser. While it may add somewhat to your budget, it will add even more to your ROI and your brand, as attendees will realize that you’re taking the event – and them – seriously. It also helps to show attendees that you’ve “arrived,” and that you were smart about how you got there.

So are you tired of what you’re standing on looking blah? If so, then I would invite you to contact me, so we can discuss what your current flooring is doing for your image. And what upgrades we can create to help ensure that at your next event, your booth attendance will be up. Because, while it may behoove running Marines to avoid looking down, you should be looking at all the angles of your booth space to make sure that you stand out.

Contact Troy Stover at 716-635-0282 or email at .

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