The Benefits of Buying an “Experienced” Display


Purchasing a trade show display requires a significant investment of both time and money. If you are on a tight trade show budget but still want to make an impressive appearance at your next show, consider buying an “experienced”, or used, display. Here are some benefits associated with purchasing a pre-owned display:

– Buying a used display is very economical and cost-effective. Pre-owned displays allow you to create a striking trade show exhibit at a fraction of the cost of buying a similar system brand new. “Experienced” displays are often greatly discounted and are usually in great condition.

-A used display is essentially a recycled display. A pre-owned exhibit’s carbon footprint is much smaller, since fewer resources are utilized to produce and ship the recycled system.

-Used hardware may be covered under a warranty. Before finalizing the purchase of a pre-owned display, ask what type of warranty, if any, covers the display. Also ask the seller how repairs should be handled in the future and whether replacement parts can be procured.

– Shipping costs are considerably less when purchasing a pre-owned display. Shipping costs for a new exhibit generally apply from the point of origin (where the exhibit is manufactured) to the address where the final product is sent. Since an “experienced” display is usually housed at the display professionals’ office or warehouse, as opposed to the manufacturing location, the display will travel a shorter distance to reach its final destination, meaning lower shipping costs.

Pre-owned displays can be a fantastic solution for any company looking to create an astonishing trade show environment affordably. The benefits of choosing an “experienced” display include discounted pricing, the ability to recycle a display in good condition, the possibility of warranty coverage and reduced shipping costs.

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