“Texting” for the Trade Show World


In the United States alone, several billion text messages are sent each day. Texting is a form of communication that is here to stay. And with every new form of communication that has evolved, there follows with it a new form of advertising. In this case: SMS (short message service) marketing. Blindly messaging random segments of people may generate negative thoughts about your company, because no one in their right mind enjoys spam. But selectively and creatively incorporating SMS into your trade show marketing campaign can generate interest in your booth, and increase the amount of traffic you see.

Over 80% of consumers own and carry a cell phone on a daily basis. While snail-mail and email marketing can be lost in a pile of junk mail, or the clutter of a full inbox, SMS can target an attendee instantly. Whether trade show visitors are arriving at their hotels, or walking the show floor, they can receive your message. Here are a few ways you can make SMS messages work for you at trade shows:

  • Inform attendees of your booth location and schedule of demonstrations at your booth
  • Offer a special promotion only available by responding to your message
  • Instant follow-up with contacts you have met at your booth to build the first part of a friendly relationship and stay fresh in their minds
  • Inform attendees of any changes to your show schedule or booth location

Another alternative SMS messaging offers you at trade shows is a creative way to run a Q&A session of your both presentation or demonstration. While simply asking your audience for questions will generate a few responses, here are some ways SMS messaging can boost interaction:

  • Help more timid attendees receive the answers to their questions by removing the public speaking aspect
  • Allow visitors to instantly ask questions without interrupting the flow of your presentation
  • Grant you the ability to weed out irrelevant questions and only answer the most pressing and important ones

On the more technologically flashy side, you can purchase a SMS display system to accompany your graphical display. From these screens you can instantly broadcast attendees’ feedback about your booth, your company, or the show in general. These displays will be eye catching and draw in curious onlookers to your booth and also provide an incentive for them to stop back and view updates.

In these economically tight times, SMS messaging is a creative, flexible and a more economical alternative to standard trade show marketing procedures. You can target every attendee, or only a select few, right on the show floor and be assured they have your message in hand. Even though  text messaging is most popular among teenagers and tweens, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for it in your marketing strategy. And well, it’s also never too soon to practice and perfect ways to target the next generation of consumers.




AT&T Strengthens its Brand with Displays from FBD2

AT&T Display by FBD2

AT&T is promoting its new theme “Rethink Possible” and strengthening its brand and image with a series of new displays from FB Displays & Designs. The new displays emphasize AT&T’s communications and entertainment services, unsurpassed portfolio of mobile phones and small business and enterprise network solutions.

FBD2 designed and produced four custom-tailored displays with multi-functional capabilities and large promotional graphics. Upscale accessories, mounted on the built-in front rail allow for product demo and video presentations. The displays can be changed or re-arranged based on functional presentation needs. The displays will be used at trade shows, conferences and community events.

AT&T is the largest communications holding company in the United States and worldwide. “AT&T spends an average of $18 billion to $19 billion a year on network, technology and inventions in order to drive the future of how people will live on our network” comments Esther Lee, AT&T’s VP for marketing and advertising.

NRD LLC partners with FBD2 for their Trade Show Expansion.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK – August 31, 2010 – FB Displays & Designs, Inc. continues to develop and improve upon its longstanding relationship with NRD LLC, located on Grand Island, NY. In the past five years, FBD2 has worked with NRD on the reconditioning of existing displays plus has designed and built three new booths.

“Over the years, as our product offerings have evolved and our Trade Show requirements have expanded, we have come to depend on the creativity and professionalism of FB Displays & Designs, for the design and execution of our new displays. We believe our increasing traffic at Trade Shows is directly related to the graphics and booth design developed by Francine’s outstanding team,” comments Greg Gumkowski, Marketing Director at NRD LLC.

Established in 1969, NRD has developed innovative processes to not only harness the unique capabilities of Alpha and Beta emitters, but has incorporated those attributes into a wide array of industrial products, related to life safety, chemical detection, and static neutralization. (http://www.nrdstaticcontrol.com)

FB Displays & Designs, Inc. provides full service event marketing solutions, from custom exhibits and modular displays to trade show material and design services. The company, which is “Certified Woman-Owned,” is a member of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, and the president and founder, Francine Brooks, is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and sits on the board of the Center for Entrepreneur Leadership at SUNY and several other advisory boards.

TS2 2010 is taking place July 13-15 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, MA.

Francine Brooks, FBD2 president and founder, will be attending TS2 2010 Expo, the trade show industry’s premier destination for exhibit and event marketing specialists for 37 years. Attendees are involved in the planning, implementation, development, and execution of special events, trade shows, sponsorships, promotions, or sales and marketing initiatives.

TS2 states, “in just three days you’ll learn more about exhibit and event marketing than you ever could on your own.” The 40 high level education sessions and 200 exhibiting companies attending will provide the ideas and solutions necessary to guarantee marketing success in the ever-changing trade show industry.


Don’t miss our upcoming reports where Francine will share the trends and ideas gathered at TS2 2010.

Evans Bank goes green with versatility

Buffalo, NY- July 13, 2010. In an effort to differentiate itself from competitors and adopt a green approach, The Evans Bank once again partnered with FBD2 to revamp its existing aluminum extrusion trade show display with new graphics.

Multiple sets of graphics were produced to reflect different groups associated with Evans Bank including Evans Agency Insurance, Combined Financial Services, Richardson & Stout Inc., Tompkins Insurance Agencies Inc., and Slone Melhuish Insurance. With a focus on green efforts and sustainability, some of the graphics were printed on recycled, eco-friendly material. The final result re-enforces Evans Bank’s current branding approach.

Since 1920, Evans Bank has valued its position as a community-based financial institution, dedicated to fostering relationships with customers and the communities it serves. Through its affiliate companies, The Evans Agency, Evans Investment Services, and Evans National Leasing, Evans Bank is able to offer a suite of products and services that are tailored to meet the needs of both retail and business customers. (http://www.evansbank.com/)

FB Displays & Designs, Inc. provides full service event marketing solutions, from custom exhibits and modular displays to trade show material and design services. The company, which is “Certified Woman-Owned,” is a member of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, and the president and founder, Francine Brooks, is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and sits on the board of the Center for Entrepreneur Leadership at SUNY and several other advisory boards.

For information: http://www.displaysanddesigns.com
Contact:            francine@displaysanddesigns.com
Phone:            (716) 635-0282

The Importance of a Vacation: Happy 4th of July

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means almost 35 million Americans will be traveling during the holiday weekend. With a break from work and (hopefully) beautiful weather, it is very common to take vacations during this time. And though we all love time off from work, it can be stressful leaving the office and all our work behind for a week’s vacation. Here are some reassuring numbers that will make you feel a little less guilty about taking time off from work:

  • 50% of people say they experience a 10-25% decrease in work stress following a vacation
  • Post-vacation performance improves nearly 25% compared to performance before vacation
  • People age 45 and older had 50% better post-vacation performance
  • Travelers reported 68% less stress during their vacation
  • 80% reported having a more positive outlook about their jobs when they take time away
  • 84% reported feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with family and friends after vacation

If you are skimping out on your vacation it could lead to health problems involving high stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep, heart disease and even more serious problems, not to mention negative impact on personal relationships with friends and family as well as work productivity.

“Employees’ performance actually goes up after taking vacation and after breaks,” says Joe Robinson, author of Work to Live: The Guide to Getting a Life and founder of the Work to Live movement. “Several companies in my book found that when they increased the vacation time they offered to employees, the overall business productivity increased and company morale soared.”

You’ve worked very hard and earned a vacation, make sure you take advantage of it! The more you relax and rest the better you will be when you return to work.

FBD2 will be closed for the week of July 5th to allow our team to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. But we promise we will be back and better than ever when we reopen on Monday, July 12th!

Happy Fourth of July!

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