The Importance of a Vacation: Happy 4th of July

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means almost 35 million Americans will be traveling during the holiday weekend. With a break from work and (hopefully) beautiful weather, it is very common to take vacations during this time. And though we all love time off from work, it can be stressful leaving the office and all our work behind for a week’s vacation. Here are some reassuring numbers that will make you feel a little less guilty about taking time off from work:

  • 50% of people say they experience a 10-25% decrease in work stress following a vacation
  • Post-vacation performance improves nearly 25% compared to performance before vacation
  • People age 45 and older had 50% better post-vacation performance
  • Travelers reported 68% less stress during their vacation
  • 80% reported having a more positive outlook about their jobs when they take time away
  • 84% reported feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with family and friends after vacation

If you are skimping out on your vacation it could lead to health problems involving high stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep, heart disease and even more serious problems, not to mention negative impact on personal relationships with friends and family as well as work productivity.

“Employees’ performance actually goes up after taking vacation and after breaks,” says Joe Robinson, author of Work to Live: The Guide to Getting a Life and founder of the Work to Live movement. “Several companies in my book found that when they increased the vacation time they offered to employees, the overall business productivity increased and company morale soared.”

You’ve worked very hard and earned a vacation, make sure you take advantage of it! The more you relax and rest the better you will be when you return to work.

FBD2 will be closed for the week of July 5th to allow our team to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. But we promise we will be back and better than ever when we reopen on Monday, July 12th!

Happy Fourth of July!

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