Introducing LightAir!


We, at FBD2, are always looking for new and exciting display solutions to meet our clients’ exhibiting needs. To that end, we are introducing the LightAir, a backlit inflatable display system that sets up in 25 seconds. A self-locking quick-release air valve makes it easy to inflate without loosing air and just as easy to deflate with the push of a button.

Testimonial of the Week from Gina Latham, Gina Latham Associates.


“Thank you, once again, for outstanding service, design and product!! Our booth was easy to transport and (for the most part) easy to put together. Thanks for the “lesson” when we picked it up!! It was very helpful! Your added assistance with some layout ideas for our booth really, truly helped us make a great statement, and saved us time during set-up!
We had a great show, and even received compliments on our booth!
Thanks so much for everything! You guys are the best! It is always a pleasure working with you!”