The Most Memorable Advertising

According to Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training, event attendees are 52% more likely to stop by your exhibit if you have appealing promotional items to give them. In addition to this, a 2009 Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) study concluded the following:

  • 94 percent of participants could successfully recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years
  • 89 percent could recall the advertiser of the promotional product
  • 83 percent reported that they liked receiving promotional products
  • 48 percent would like to receive promotional products more often
  • 69 percent typically keep the promotional product

Consistently, promotional products delivered higher recall rates on company/brand and/or product/service than TV, print, and online advertising.

The study found that the top five items that lead to a more favorable impression of the advertiser included food baskets, MP3 players, clocks/watches, digital picture frames, and luggage. I would think it’s pretty obvious these expensive items would make one think favorably of a company, but what companies have a big enough budget to hand out such costly items?

There is a never-ending list of much more affordable items you can give away at a trade show. We all know (and probably still have some lying around) the common ones: tote bags, mugs, water bottles, pens, key chains, magnets, etc. But if your promotional item of choice is not effective, you might as well not invest in it at all. Be sure your item reflects your company image. It’s great to have contact info right on the object along with your logo. The item must target your message repeatedly. The purpose of the item is to create new customers, encourage repeat business, build brand recognition, and expand your presence by getting into customers’ homes and offices. Make it visually attractive, ask yourself what is in it for the person receiving it, and make it worthwhile so it doesn’t just end up in the trash.

Lists of the most effective items all seem to differ, but the items that seem to be on top most lists are writing utensils/other office items that will be used daily, apparel, and coffee mugs. Try to be unique and different while still having a relevant, good quality, and memorable item. No one wants to go home with 10 different tote bags. Think of an item you still use from ten years ago…

Need more reason to market using promotional items?

Promotional Products Revealed to be Most Affordable Effective Way to Advertise How to Customize Promotional Items for your Target Audience

Free Marketing to Grow Your Business

It’s a common perception that in order to make money you must first spend money. And even though often times this is true, we have found a few ways around it. Here are some tips that will help you market your company for no cost at all!

Network– you’ve heard it before, networking is essential to business growth. Everywhere you go is a potential networking opportunity, which means free marketing for yourself as well as your business. Think outside the box and try new places. Look on under conferences, learning, organizations, or any other categories for upcoming events in your area.

A great place to start is by volunteering. Not only will you be giving back to the community (which should, of course, be the number one reason for doing it) but you will also be meeting new people, which could lead to valuable business connections. Check out for local volunteer opportunities.

Use Social Media Sites– there are so many free social networking sites full of people looking to build business connections, just like you. Facebook and Twitter are good, but LinkedIn is a business networking website that declares its “mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” Check out these sites to get the most out of LinkedIn for your business:

Top 5 Ways to Market Your Business with LinkedIn
33 Way to Use LinkedIn for Business

Be an Expert– write a blog on your topic of expertise, comment on other blogs, and volunteer to be a speaker to get you and your business out there. A really great way to generate publicity is to become a media source for reporters. There is a very useful website that will match you up with a reporter

Other free/low-cost opportunities

Do you have any free marketing tips?

It’s Good to be Different

Seth Godin is considered by many to be “America’s Greatest Marketer.” He has the most popular marketing blog in the world, has written the top marketing books in the last decade, and he’s not even close to being done. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read Godin’s blog, and I doubt you will have any trouble understanding why he has earned such an impressive reputation. Here is just one of his blog posts that makes you stop and think:

“Can’t top this

Getting someone to switch is really difficult.

Getting someone to switch because you offer more of what they were looking for when they choose the one they have now is essentially impossible. For starters, they’re probably not looking for more. And beyond that, they’d need to admit that they were wrong for not choosing you in the first place.

So, you don’t get someone to switch because you’re cheaper than Walmart. You don’t get someone to switch because you serve bigger portions than the big-portion steakhouse down the street. You don’t get someone to switch because your hospital is more famous than the Mayo Clinic.

The chances that you can top a trusted provider on the very thing the provider is trusted for are slim indeed.

Instead, you gain converts by winning at something the existing provider didn’t think was so important.”

Original source: Seth Godin’s blog

There it is—can it be any more obvious how important voicing your competitive advantage is? It is the most essential ingredient in your company’s image, and though there are those companies out there who effortlessly develop and establish why they are different (in a good way), the majority of us are not so lucky. So make your customers aware of why you are the best. Convince them of why they should do business with you and not the other guys. You know what makes you so great, now let everyone else know! Do your own thing in your own way and do it well! Make your company and product stand out, and your image will thrive.

Once you have successfully developed a strategic competitive advantage then work everything else around that—logo, customer relations, marketing, website—to build an unforgettable company image.

Trade Show Travel Tips

Traveling for a trade show? Here are a few things to keep in mind before the event that will save you both time and money:

Scheduling/Booking– Book flights early; about a month in advance is usually best for prices. The cheapest days to fly are usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so aim for those days to depart if possible. Take advantage of all the different travel discount/comparison sites (,

Do not be afraid to negotiate with the hotel you are booking; most are willing to go cheaper if you just ask.

Packing– Keep in mind any dress codes there may be for meetings/events you will be attending. For the trade show, make sure to look professional. Pack simple yet elegant and stylish clothing. Comfortable shoes are essential. If you don’t have a nice pair of comfortable shoes, invest in them. You will regret it if you don’t.

Transportation– How close are your destinations (airport, hotel, convention center) to one another? Do your research to see if shuttle services are offered (specifically from the airport to your hotel), and if not, look into the estimated cab fares ( If you do decide to go with cab transportation for your entire visit, consider “buddying up” with someone going the same place as you ( Many exhibitors are headed to the same place, so try to save money. If neither of these options works for your trip, then consider renting a car. Just try to avoid the airport car rentals, which tend to be more expensive. Don’t fall for all the extras the car rental company offers you—they definitely add up and are not worth it! Look for any package deals for flight, hotel, and rental car, or even just flight and hotel on travel sites (,

Additional money savers– On your way from the airport to the hotel or soon after you’ve arrived at the hotel, look for a nearby grocery/convenience store. You will save a good amount of money by stocking up on water and other snacks from a store rather than having to pay hotel prices for either. If your hotel offers complimentary breakfast, make sure you are taking advantage of that.

Some other great travel sites to check out:,,,,,,,,

Compare a bunch of travel sites at once with

Track low fares as well as receive refunds/credits after you have booked your flight if there are any changes—

Please share any other business travel tips you have! Thanks!

Twitter is Changing the World!

It was announced on June 3rd that Mayor Bloomberg is looking for a chief digital officer” for New York City.  The position would be responsible for communicating messages and also listening to residents on social media networks. The job pays between $57,000-$125,000, and the job description states that the city seeks someone “to help develop forward-thinking policies on social media, digital communications, web 2.0 initiatives and other tools to better serve the public.”

I think this is a great idea and wouldn’t be surprised if many other cities followed NYC’s lead.  I myself have become so much more informed since joining Twitter.  News networks and businesses across the globe are on Twitter, getting heard by significantly more people—many of whom have not picked up a newspaper in months.  As evidenced in the poll, 52% of people voted Twitter as their primary news source, while only 22% voted newspapers.  It is remarkable the way Twitter has changed the world.  Twitter provides quick updates on breaking news from numerous sources as well as constant word-of-mouth relays, which possibly makes Twitter the best news source ever.

How has Twitter changed your world?

FBD2 provides marketing tools to AirSep’s Sales Force

Buffalo, NY- June 1, 2010. In an effort to equip it’s National Sales Force with dynamic marketing tools, Air Sep Corporation partnered with FB Displays and Designs, Inc. in creating a face-to-face marketing program consisting of series of free-standing, double-sided full size bannerstands, plus a large 3-dimensional tension fabric display. The designs highlight the solutions offered by AirSep to their various market segments. The very colorful and modular fabric displays were created to attract the attention and interest of attendees at trade shows, sales presentations and conferences.

AirSep’s sales force now has the option to use the various displays in multiple configurations thus providing the ability to target specific audiences at each event.

AirSep is world renowned as the premier manufacturer of PSA oxygen generating systems for medical and industrial applications. The company’s two divisions meet a wide variety of respiratory and commercial needs in more than 100 countries. (

FB Displays & Designs, Inc. provides full service event marketing solutions, from custom exhibits and modular displays to trade show material and design services. The company, which is “Certified Woman-Owned,” is a member of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, and the president and founder, Francine Brooks, is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and sits on the board of the Center for Entrepreneur Leadership at SUNY and several other advisory boards.

For information:


Phone:                     (716) 635-0282