AT&T Strengthens its Brand with Displays from FBD2

AT&T Display by FBD2

AT&T is promoting its new theme “Rethink Possible” and strengthening its brand and image with a series of new displays from FB Displays & Designs. The new displays emphasize AT&T’s communications and entertainment services, unsurpassed portfolio of mobile phones and small business and enterprise network solutions.

FBD2 designed and produced four custom-tailored displays with multi-functional capabilities and large promotional graphics. Upscale accessories, mounted on the built-in front rail allow for product demo and video presentations. The displays can be changed or re-arranged based on functional presentation needs. The displays will be used at trade shows, conferences and community events.

AT&T is the largest communications holding company in the United States and worldwide. “AT&T spends an average of $18 billion to $19 billion a year on network, technology and inventions in order to drive the future of how people will live on our network” comments Esther Lee, AT&T’s VP for marketing and advertising.

Making Promotional Items Work for You

FBD2 Promotional Items

When it comes to attracting new prospects at trade shows – or anywhere, for that matter – nothing can beat “freebies.” But if free gifts are so appealing, why don’t they always work? Why don’t promotional products provide a better return investment, or in some cases, any at all? What many may not realize is how complex an effective giveaway plan can and should be; some careful thought ahead of time can pay off immensely.

Taking the time to select the right promotional item to hand out is crucial. Your giveaway should reflect you, your company, and a piece of your personality. It should also be something that the general public, or your client-base specifically, would find useful and appealing. Ask yourself: “would I want this?” and “would I keep this?”

Most importantly, however, items that can be used on a “repetitive basis” yield the best results. Each time put to use, they are a reminder of your company and service, echoing your company name and logo. Contact information should also be printed on the object; it often does no good for them to “know you” if they can’t easily reach you.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect item doesn’t always fit in your budget. If in the computer-business, for example, a branded USB drive may seem great – until you check the price. But it is important to compare the price of the product itself to its likelihood of being thrown out or never used. Spending more money on an item that will be kept, used often, and appreciated is always better than spending your money on products that are destined to be considered junk or become trash.

Some suggestions, proven to work:

1.   Apparel

2.   Writing Instruments

3.   Calendars

4.   Drink Ware

5.   Desk/Business Accessories

6.   Bags

Topping the list, apparel such as a simple T-shirt or hat can provide large return investment, as it will advertise not only to the one wearing the articles, but also to anyone they encounter.

How you give away the items, and to whom, is another issue. Because of the price to you, it may seem wise not to hand your products to just anyone, although a better approach would be having a small range of products to give away strategically. A highly prospective customer should walk away with your best, while those simply “visiting” your booth can still leave with something.

Keep in mind that a promotional item does not sell – you and your staff do. These products, on the other hand, first attract and then remind your customers of your service. They are a great tool in the game of marketing and trade shows, but maximize interest only when understood and used properly.

NRD LLC partners with FBD2 for their Trade Show Expansion.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK – August 31, 2010 – FB Displays & Designs, Inc. continues to develop and improve upon its longstanding relationship with NRD LLC, located on Grand Island, NY. In the past five years, FBD2 has worked with NRD on the reconditioning of existing displays plus has designed and built three new booths.

“Over the years, as our product offerings have evolved and our Trade Show requirements have expanded, we have come to depend on the creativity and professionalism of FB Displays & Designs, for the design and execution of our new displays. We believe our increasing traffic at Trade Shows is directly related to the graphics and booth design developed by Francine’s outstanding team,” comments Greg Gumkowski, Marketing Director at NRD LLC.

Established in 1969, NRD has developed innovative processes to not only harness the unique capabilities of Alpha and Beta emitters, but has incorporated those attributes into a wide array of industrial products, related to life safety, chemical detection, and static neutralization. (

FB Displays & Designs, Inc. provides full service event marketing solutions, from custom exhibits and modular displays to trade show material and design services. The company, which is “Certified Woman-Owned,” is a member of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, and the president and founder, Francine Brooks, is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and sits on the board of the Center for Entrepreneur Leadership at SUNY and several other advisory boards.