Social Media: The Essential Trade Show Marketing Tool

If your trade show marketing hasn’t changed recently, now is the time to do it. Technology has opened up networks of communication that allow us to stay in constant contact with virtually everyone, including customers, manufacturers, clients, and prospects. If you are not active on social media networks, you are out of touch with a huge segment of the population. Don’t be left out; use social media marketing to the best of advantage, specifically when promoting your company’s upcoming trade show event.

First, if you have yet to create an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog site, or any other social media platforms, do so immediately:

  • Build a strong following (include clients, suppliers, colleagues, and fans)
  • Post often to keep your followers interested and updated
  • Include tips you may have, upcoming events, and anything else you think might interest your followers

Once you have done this, you are ready to start pre-show marketing:

  • Keep track of your upcoming trade shows
  • Write a blog about the upcoming show a few weeks preceding the event. In the post, be sure to include information about your product or services
  • Attract visitors by introducing new products or offering incentives, deals, prizes, etc.
  • Provide pictures or videos from past trade shows so that people know what to expect
  • Start posting reminders and notifications about a week before the event

There’s an interesting article written by Eric Lukazewski on ESAB North America’s effective tradeshow marketing strategy. It illustrates how important social media marketing is, even in the least expected industries. Make sure you are capitalizing on reaching people beyond the show floor. Face-to-face interaction is one of the most valuable business tools, so do your best to draw more visitors to your booth with the use of social media marketing.

Click Here To View The Article.

Next month we will be discussing using social media at the trade show and as a tool for effective lead follow-up.

4 thoughts on “Social Media: The Essential Trade Show Marketing Tool

  1. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t common sense at this point. Good blog though, definitely agree with the advice you’re putting out there.

      1. Oh of course, i agree completely. I actually just found this new social media platform that I wrote about yesterday. It may be beneficial for you to look at. More so if your company represents local businesses or specific brands. Like I said its my post from yesterday or you could go directly to their website : (sounds cheesy, but it’s so much more than its name)

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