Adventures in Sales: Part 1

Adventures in Sales: Part 1

We were so happy to welcome the students that took part in BNSME’s Student Day on Monday, October 26th. Here’s a recap from one of the participants!

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This past Monday, three other students and I had the opportunity to attend the Buffalo Niagara Sales & Marketing Executives Student Day. Professor Dudkowski selected Kourtney Shearer, Danielle Board, Taylor Tracy, and myself to attend a day long conference, which included a choice of one of three tours, a special presentation by Bill Knoche, a networking opportunity, and a dinner presentation with Marc Adler. In order to do this amazing day justice, I have decided to split the blog post into three separate posts and will be sharing the rest of our amazing experience throughout the week.

Our day started off at 1:30 with a tour and the three tours we were able to select from were IIMAK, FB Display & Designs, and Rigidized Metals Corportation. IIMAK, a manufacturer of printing, imaging and marking consumable products with 1,000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Amherst, New York, with additional manufacturing, distribution and sales operations in Belgium…

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Out with the Old… In with the New [Website]

FB Displays & Designs New Homepage
FB Displays & Designs New Homepage

After many months of research, planning, design & coding, we, at FBD2, are very excited to announce the launch of our new website!

The new site is now live and is located at the same address, We’re happy to share this new design with you, and hope that you will take time to visit & enjoy all the changes.

Our process of creating the new website started several months ago, when we defined our goals and how to best achieve them. Here are a few examples of this effort and what strategies we employed:



Our top priority for the new layout of our website was a design that allowed our clients the ability to easily find display solutions to meet their individual needs. To this end, we retooled the most prominent section of our website, creating the “Display Solutions” page, with subsections that focus on the priorities and needs for exhibiting at trade shows and recruiting fairs, in museums and outdoor events. We concluded that by showing examples of the most relevant designs, our visitors will have the best possible experience.



Another significant area that needed improvement was providing a more engaging and rewarding experience for our visitors. To achieve this, we curated content that appears at the bottom of many of the pages, pointing visitors to additional articles or actions that may be of interest to them. In addition, we tried to use a greater proportion of “real life” photos to show how the displays we produce actually appear on the trade show floor, in a museum and at an outdoor event.



After we addressed our major goals, we focused on improving the site as a whole. We felt that our old website had become cluttered, suffering from a lack of focus. To correct this, we pared down the extraneous pages on our site, and streamlined our menu whereby all visitors can reach the content they’re looking for in two-or-less clicks/taps.


Quality Content

Simplifying our site was not enough by itself. We had to make sure the information presented would be the most helpful to our current & potential clients. We decided to remove large portions of complicated text and small, ineffective icons. These have been replaced with larger, more visually appealing images and descriptions that are more direct and succinct.


Although our everyday focus is on the design & production of trade show displays, our design team is experienced in a variety of graphic design services, including creating logos/branding, brochures, and in this instance, web design. As these services are completed in-house, the same quality and attention to detail that goes into our displays is carried through to all our design projects.

Ultimately, it is our hope that you find this new site more engaging. We think we have met that goal, but we would love to hear your feedback! If you think there are pages/areas that could be improved, or if there are topics you would like to learn more about, please leave a comment below!



FB Displays and Designs trade show display

Our New, Crowdsourced Design

Our 4 Final Concepts for Our New Trade Show Display
Our 4 Final Concepts for Our New Trade Show Display


We at FB Displays & Designs recently had an opportunity to interact with our clients in a unique way. In preparation of our participation at a few trade shows, our creative team (which is all of us) wanted new graphics to be used on one of our trade show displays. After several weeks of brainstorming & designing, we came up with ten concepts. Over the following week, we narrowed it down to four contenders. We came to the conclusion that everyone on our team liked all four finalists. With only a week until our first event, what were we to do?


This is where our story takes a creative twist: we decided to crowdsource our decision.* We sent an email to all of our clients & posted a poll on our social media sites, inviting our clients & followers to vote for their favorite concept.


We were pleasantly surprised by the high participation rate from our fans. In the end, there was a clear winner, (Design #1,) which we produced straightaway. Here’s how the vote totals broke down:


Design #1: 55%

Design #2: 17%

Design #3: 17%

Design #4: 11%


While Design #1 was the crowd favorite, #’s 2, 3 and 4 received the most passionate responses, including the following:


“For me # 4 is your best bet. It’s the most arresting/cool/ “check this out!” display in my opinion. And the words are not fighting with the background.”


I can’t automatically put 2 & 4 in a category or stereotype them because though my mind may try to find a file for them…when it can’t…I have to stop to think about what does this mean. My favorite is 2- just more gusto, spunk and power.”


We are thrilled to report that our experiment was a success. The amount of votes we received exceeded our expectations, and the feedback was an added bonus. And the rest, as they say, is history. At the SBA Expo on May 13th, we unveiled our new trade show display as chosen by our wonderful fans.


FB Displays Trade Show Booth
Our New Trade Show Display



Do you have an interesting story to tell us about your own design experience? We’d love to hear it-Please leave a comment, below. And to see more designs created by our team, visit our project gallery.


* Trained professionals performed this stunt. Don’t try it at home.


Written by Bill Henecke, Graphic Designer for FB Displays & Designs, Inc.

FB Displays and Designs trade show display

Definition of INDEPENDENCE


By: Troy Stover, FB Displays & Designs, Inc.

1: the quality or state of being independent.

As the sole military veteran at FBD2 (and one known to relish in pontificating for hours on any number of subjects), given the upcoming holiday, I was tasked with writing something in regards to independence. The only problem is that I don’t feel I have any better a grasp on the concept than anyone else. Oh, sure, I get the idea that with independence we’re free to vote for whom we want, free to worship the God of our choice, and free to marry whom we love (well, most of us, at any rate), but I tend to think that maybe there’s more to it than all that.

Initially going online in the hopes of discovering a deeper meaning behind the word – behind the concept, really – as can be seen by the above (Thanks a LOT, Merriam, this exercise resulted in very little assistance to my cause, so I fear I’m just going to have to “wing it.”

I tend to think that Uncle Ben had it right, with the whole “with great power, comes great responsibility” speech he gave to Peter Parker. For the purpose of this article however, we’ll insert “freedom” for “power.” Because freedom is just that, power. It’s also a privilege, and a responsibility. One that may be given initially, but still needs to be earned and maintained.

I think Albert Einstein said it best when he stated, “For those who would joyously march in rank and file, they have already earned my contempt, for they were given a large brain by accident when a spinal chord would have sufficed.” A bit harsh? Maybe. But you see, Albert understood that the things of this world that are worth treasuring are also worth thinking about, fighting for, and working hard at. Also, they’re worth the effort of being handled with a sense of individual responsibility, versus simply waiting around for the “other guy.”

Another of my heroes, Joe Strummer, summed it up slightly differently when he said, “When you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don’t learn nothing, cause hey, it’s not your fault, it’s his fault, over there.” Now that’s not to say that we only learn from mistakes, but I think we would do well to keep personal responsibility at the forefront, to realize that freedom truly isn’t free (I’m not even going to attempt to look that little gem up, as I’m sure the internet has it attributed to Lincoln, Twain, Freeman, Takei AND Madonna).

I suppose my nutshelled point is this: as my children’s kindergarten teacher used to say (and I know it was her who said it, versus Madonna), “Every day, just do your personal best.” That is what independence is. That; is what freedom demands.

From all of us here at FBD2, thank you for your continued patronage and partnership. We hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday, filled with freedom, peace, and your personal best.

The Benefits of Buying an “Experienced” Display


Purchasing a trade show display requires a significant investment of both time and money. If you are on a tight trade show budget but still want to make an impressive appearance at your next show, consider buying an “experienced”, or used, display. Here are some benefits associated with purchasing a pre-owned display:

– Buying a used display is very economical and cost-effective. Pre-owned displays allow you to create a striking trade show exhibit at a fraction of the cost of buying a similar system brand new. “Experienced” displays are often greatly discounted and are usually in great condition.

-A used display is essentially a recycled display. A pre-owned exhibit’s carbon footprint is much smaller, since fewer resources are utilized to produce and ship the recycled system.

-Used hardware may be covered under a warranty. Before finalizing the purchase of a pre-owned display, ask what type of warranty, if any, covers the display. Also ask the seller how repairs should be handled in the future and whether replacement parts can be procured.

– Shipping costs are considerably less when purchasing a pre-owned display. Shipping costs for a new exhibit generally apply from the point of origin (where the exhibit is manufactured) to the address where the final product is sent. Since an “experienced” display is usually housed at the display professionals’ office or warehouse, as opposed to the manufacturing location, the display will travel a shorter distance to reach its final destination, meaning lower shipping costs.

Pre-owned displays can be a fantastic solution for any company looking to create an astonishing trade show environment affordably. The benefits of choosing an “experienced” display include discounted pricing, the ability to recycle a display in good condition, the possibility of warranty coverage and reduced shipping costs.

A Thanksgiving Message from Our Marketing Coordinator, Lisa

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we put everyday life on hold, gather with our loved ones, and reflect on everything for which we are thankful.  One of the blessings that each member our team will be counting this year is the rewarding experience of developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We are lucky to have the unique opportunity to work as a partner with our customers to design their exhibit, get to know their staff, and learn about their business, their industry, and their goals. We enjoy watching the evolution of a project from the brainstorming stages to the final shipment to the trade show. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that a display we fabricated looked immaculate on the trade show floor and that the staffers were very successful is generating leads.

Without the support of our clients, we would not be able to do what we love doing everyday. Bill wouldn’t be able to design eye-catching graphics that tell the story of a client’s brand, Troy wouldn’t be able to act as a “ trade show architect” and continually innovate new structures for an exhibit, Francine would not be able to stand by her clients’ side while they receive awards and recognition for their great accomplishments, and I would not be able to spend time developing new relationships at local trade shows, networking events, and through social media.

On behalf of the FBD2 team, I would like to thank all of our clients for their loyalty throughout the years and wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Lisa Shackelford is the Marketing Coordinator at FB Displays & Designs, Inc.